The perfect size for workouts at the gym or travel.
A volume of 33㎖ is enough for trips of about 10 days.
The size of the bottle will fit into your gym bag nicely.

■ Light, glossy and unsticky finish ■
Surprisingly smooth hair makes styling very easy.

◇ Great smooth finish means styling is a breeze.
The reduction of volume and wave at the roots changes the finished look at the ends of the hair.
◇ Each strand is glossy and non-sticky, resulting in a light-texture finish.
Just using this shampoo will make your hair smooth.
By also drying your hair, volume and inconsistencies are further reduced.
◇Contains hypoallergenic apple amino acids that also are used in baby products
This is a mild, high-quality cleansing ingredient that can be also applied as a body wash.
◇Uplifting and soothing effect of sage oil
Sage is a versatile herb used since ancient times to improve concentration and soothe the mind.
◇ Improves scalp health and reduces dandruff and itchiness.
Scalp health is enhanced by the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the shampoo.
◇Created with a mildly foamy texture.
A mild foam retaining only the bare essentials, yet cleanses powerfully enough to be used as a body wash or facial cleanser.

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