36g 1.27floz 

The most popular product in Tokyo.

High performance Balm for skin, lips, hair and the whole body.

A rich blend of organic flax seed oils, skin-softening ingredients and essential fatty acids to provide exceptional hydration.

Due to its excellent absorption, the balm applies smoothly and leaves no grease.

The strong protective properties of the balm keep the skin moist and soft.

It contains the rare Gamma linolenic acid (GLA), also known as “the king’s cure-all”.

The balm contains large quantities of linolenic acid, a component of the water-retaining compound ceramide as well as CannabisinA and oleic acid which has powerful antioxidative effect.

It is a sublime balm so gentle it can be used on lips and other sensitive areas.


【 How to use 】

Take a reasonable amount of balm in the palm of your hand, rubbing it in until it is fully melted by the heat of your hand.

 (The hardness of the balm will vary according to the season and air temperature.)


< For Lips, Skin and Whole body >

The balm is immediately absorbed, so you can use it over your whole body without greasiness.

Massage into freshly cleansed skin from neck to toe, concentrating on dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet.

Any balm left on the fingertips can be applied to the lips.

It forms a strong protective layer, so the balm is recommended for use in all seasons.


 < for Hair styling >

For fine and downy hair, a very small amount should be applied to the whole dry hair, like hair wax. When you want to tie your hair or reduce volume, apply the balm to wet hair. It absorbs immediately, allowing you to do your favorite natural styling without grease.

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