180g / 6.5floz

■Pro quality for user-friendliness■
Just the right consistency for easy application, and no risk of clumps

This is a Styling Gel that not only sets your shape, it also offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. This means that even if you are re-applying gel to dry hair, perfect setting speed and consistency mean your hair will never form clumps. Using the gel for the overall style, further styling options open up by adding grease or wax from the top. This will result in a day-long hold with shine.

◇ Surprisingly light finish
◇ Easy to apply, no risk of clumps and day-long hold
◇ Scalp and hair-friendly formulation
◇  Relaxing lavender scent

For use with any hair type, from short hair to bushy or starchy hair, apply thoroughly to fully-dried hair. This is because it reverses the hardening of the moisture in wet hair. If you would like to set your hair instantly, set hair dryer on the lowest setting and aim at the hair you wish to style. If you have long hair or a perm, the product is easier to apply if the ends of your hair are moistened using a spray bottle, etc.

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