extra shiny hold
100g / 3.6floz

■Glossy, hard hold that lasts all day■
Grease that delivers quality gloss and superb lasting hold

Made of natural vegetable oils. Delivers a shiny, hard hold that lasts all day, yet protects the scalp and hair because of the ease of rinsing out in warm water. As the texture of the product is made to be hardened, it works very well on thick or bushy hair and responds superbly to restyling by comb.

◇ Keeps your hair in shape for longer if reapplied several times in small volumes across your whole head, due to the hardness of the product.
◇  For a more relaxed hold, moisten your palm with a little water (this will weaken the set).
◇  For a glossy, sexy look for women, try a little product added to the downy hair around the forehead or to long hair arranged in ponytail, pigtails, etc.

Take a reasonable amount of product in the palm of your hand and rub it in until it is completely smoothed out. Apply little by little to each hair and style from a range of angles. It is not recommended that you apply too much at once. Instead, apply a little at a time. For the crown and sides in particular, it is a good idea to press hair down several times.

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