PROTEIN SHAMPOO will be featured in the annual "Beauty Award" of the men's fashion magazine MEN'S NONNO!!

It is an honor to be introduced in such an honorable way, while there are so many men's cosmetics currently available.

We are proud that it is "a gem that can compete with just one shampoo".

Even with soft hair, just one shampoo will give it elasticity, making it very easy to style.

It will be released on Friday, November 9th, so please check it out!!

Also, it's been a good season to change your style from autumn to winter.

We recommend the style of playing with the length.

If you use a spray to finish the long style, there is no doubt that the style will stand out even more.

Not only can it be hardened, but it can also be kept light in areas that move!

You feel better when your hair style is perfect.

With more opportunities to go out for events such as Christmas and New Year, I think it will come in handy because it is a size that can be carried around.

SPRAY was featured in last year's Beauty Awards!

This is also a one-of-a-kind product that allows you to use two types of nozzles according to your style.

Please try!!

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