I know people with a high sense of beauty! DENIS H balm

I know people with a high sense of beauty!

What is hemp in DENIS H balm?

It's a sudden, but what kind of image is hemp?

In Japan, some people have the image that hemp and cannabis (marijuana) are the same thing.

Actually, these two are the same cannabis plant, and there is a clear difference!

The difference between hemp and marijuana is the difference in CBD and THC content!


Due to its low THC content, hemp is said to be more flexible in many products than cannabis. Hemp is also called industrial hemp It is used not only for CBD products that extract CBD , but also for fabrics, clothes, edibles such as hemp seeds and hemp seeds, and cosmetics.

Another easy-to-understand feature is whether or not it has a psychoactive effect. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you high!

Of course, hemp used in lotions, etc. is legal, safe and secure! And it's really high quality!

DENIS H balm uses " USDA certified organic HEMP oil"!

Linoleic acid ( omega 6) compared to argan oil and olive oil It contains many essential fatty acids necessary for physiological metabolism, such as alpha - linolenic acid ( omega- 3) .

High quality oil that maintains the best balance among vegetable oils!

In recent years, it is convinced that it is a hot topic among actresses and models with a high sense of beauty!

DENIS H BALM that moisturizes hair, skin, lips and the whole body ! Those who have not used it yet! Please check for yourself.

Perfect for wet finish!


Wet finish styles have been trending for the past few years.

It's a very fashionable and cute style, and you'll see it in magazines and town corners again this year, but if you make a mistake, it can look sticky and unclean as if you haven't washed your hair.

In such a case, " DENIS H BALM " is excellent! It is very popular among hair and makeup artists and beauticians who are active in TV and magazines.

It is also sold to the general public, so if you apply DENIS H Balm, even an individual can easily achieve a professional finish!

Depending on the amount applied, you can freely create a moderate wetness and gloss!

And DENIS H Balm uses " USDA certified organic hemp oil"! Contains γ- linolenic acid ( omega 6) !

This works to maintain moisture adjustment and barrier function in skin and hair.

Also contains cannabisin A , which is great for women ! This is a kind of polyphenols, and it has a high antioxidant effect and is an excellent anti-aging care!

DENIS H BALM is made with only natural ingredients , making it easy to create ideal styling while being gentle on the skin.

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