This time, we introduce professional surfer Katsura Kobayashi, who is supported by DENIS! !

As a Japanese professional surfer raised in California, he is still based in California.

At the tender age of 20, he has skills that set him apart from Japanese people, and is attracting the attention of the world!

The edgy and sharp carving, the high level of air skills, and the speedy and exciting surfing are impressive even if you watch the video.

We also won the 2018 JPSA round 2 held last year!
In the 4th round of 2019 JPSA that was held the other day, it was regrettably runner-up !

They really like DENIS products and use them regularly, and when they come to Japan, they come to our showroom.

Please keep an eye on him as he will be a player to keep an eye on in the future!!

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