In today's world, it's common for shampoo and conditioner to be sold as a set .
“It is common sense to use shampoo and conditioner as a set
I think that is the perception of the world.

 DENIS doubted that common sense.

When the hair and scalp focus on "the original state" ,
In the first place, if only shampoo is good, you don't need conditioner.

 ~ The reason why DENIS SHAMPOO does not need a conditioner ~

The scalp and hair are naturally kept in a normal state by having a moderate amount of oil.

If you wash your hair with a shampoo that is too strong, it may dry out and become dry, accompanied by dandruff and itchiness.

With just the right amount of cleansing power, it leaves the essential oils in the hair and scalp, giving it firmness and elasticity.

Use it once and you'll know!
Use it for 3 days and it will change!

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