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Original Gel

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    original gel

    * Earth-friendly from 2022 As part of our efforts to achieve the SDGs, we will gradually reduce the number of gift boxes. Thank you for your understanding.

    ■PRO quality with emphasis on operability■
    It has just the right stickiness, is easy to apply, and does not form into thick bundles.

    We have created a STYLING GEL that does not just solidify, but has a high degree of freedom. The key points here are just the right curing speed and viscosity. It is also easy to apply on dry hair and does not leave a sticky feeling when layered. Because it has an extremely simple composition that eliminates unnecessary ingredients that interfere with styling, it also suppresses the flaking that is typical of GEL. (becoming a white powder)
    If you use GEL to create the framework of your style, then use GREASE or WAX to add expression and movement to your hair, expanding your styling possibilities and creating a glossy hairstyle that will stay in place all day long.

    ◇ Incredibly light finish ◇ Easy to apply so it doesn't form into thick strands and stays in place all day long ◇ Easily removed with hot water ◇ Contains ingredients that care for the scalp and hair ◇ Relaxing lavender scent

    We also have affordable refills available.

    [How to use]
    For short hair, thick hair, and stiff hair, it is important to apply it to completely dry hair. This is because the moisture in wet hair makes it harder to solidify. For places where you want to shape it right away, I think it's a good idea to apply a very gentle blow from a hair dryer to harden it all at once.
    It is also effective to apply it evenly all over the body first, just like applying wax, without trying to apply it all at once. I think creating a framework with GEL and adding expression to the ends with GREASE or WAX will give you the best finish. For long hair or permed hair, it is easier to apply the product by lightly dampening only the tips of the hair with a mist after completely drying the hair.

    [Contains 12 types of extracts]
    Roman chamomile flower oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, mandarin orange peel oil, bergamot fruit oil, palmarosa oil, ylang ylang flower oil, amyris balsamifera bark oil, mallow oil, ginger root oil, coriander fruit oil, orange peel oil

    [All ingredients]
    Water, ethanol, PVP, Roman chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, Ivy leaf extract, Pinus cone extract, burdock root extract, oxybenzone-5, mustard leaf extract, dead nettle flower extract, garlic root extract, methylparaben, Isopentyl diol, mandarin orange peel oil, arnica flower extract, argentina oil, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, carbomer, TEA, BG, phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na, lavender oil, rosemary leaf oil

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