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dry season

The dry air feels refreshing...

I don't like the dryness on the surface of my skin. When I open the Amazon cardboard that I received, it's easy to get snapped and cut immediately, so I use a disinfectant spray every time! Oh my God, isn't it a lot of daily life w

In addition, in surfing and outdoor sports where you are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, the damage caused by ultraviolet rays will overlap in addition to the dry conditions. It goes without saying that this is the worst environment for your skin, but surprisingly, it becomes even worse after you remove your waterproof sunscreen...

This happens regardless of whether it's summer or winter. There is a possibility that you will get a strong stimulus at the stage of turning off cleanly, such as depriving the necessary oil!

Sunscreen that is easy to remove will be gone the moment you enter the water... I think this sunscreen is an eternal theme. One thing I can say for sure is that UV rays are scarier than dryness.

But is there any way to make things a little better?

From my experience, before applying waterproof sunscreen = in the winter, just before applying it is fine, but in the summer, it floats due to sweating, so in the summer, it's better to apply H balm a little earlier in a cool car. I would like to recommend it.

A few minutes after applying the H balm, it becomes so smooth that you forget you've applied it, so it doesn't interfere with applying sunscreen on top. . I think that preparing the skin once and applying it from there will help protect the skin from dryness and UV rays. We recommend H Balm, a 100% vegetable oil that has a high affinity with the skin before and after entering the water.

H Balm, which is 100% vegetable oil, is gentle on the sea, gentle on nature, gentle on hair, and gentle on the skin.

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