DENIS H BALM 10th person (30s, female, office worker)

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10th person (30s, female, office worker)

・I'm a professional who often chaps my lips, but...

One winter day, he gave me this balm as a gift.

I can't even use lip balm, so I thought it would be the same no matter what I used.

In winter, the texture was a little hard, so I took a small amount with my fingernails, warmed it slightly in the center of my lips, and then gently blended it in.

Apply it on the back of your hands and around your nails.

Even with a small amount, it felt very moisturizing.

It's a strange thing, and when he gave me a present, even I, who tends to get tired of it, felt like continuing.

In the first week, I got into the habit of applying it to my lips,

On the 10th day, not only my lips but also my fingertips and my heart were gone.

When I put it on my lips under the mask, it smelled soft and relaxing, so maybe that was very good.
Thanks to that, I didn't get rough even in the office, which tends to be rough, and I didn't get caught in my stockings this year.

The moisturizing power of organic oils is amazing.

On the 20th day, I mixed it into my night cream and applied it to myself, looking forward to the next morning. . .

It's getting warmer lately, and I feel the season in the softness of the balm (laughs)

Originally, he uses this shampoo regularly, but the other day he told me that this balm can be used for his hair.

Commercially available waxes and oils give an unpleasant feeling when they come in contact with the skin.

This balm doesn't seem to irritate my skin even if it touches my skin, so the next time I see him, I want to straighten my twisted bangs and my vague back hair, and let my hair bounce and enjoy it lightly. think.

Now it's a magic balm that makes me feel relaxed again. If it's gone, I'm sure it will get rough, so I'll ask him again.

Please give me a present again, and please take care of me forever!

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" DENIS H BALM " H What is balm?

Organic HEMP oil moisturizes the skin and scalp.

A high-quality oil that is gentle enough to use on lips and sensitive areas.

Glossy and natural unity. Not sticky.

You can sleep without washing your hair or hands

Made with only natural ingredients, no rinsing required.

By continuing to use it, it shows its true value and the environment is ready.

(*Except for sweat and dirt)

Natural hair styling can be done instead of wax and grease

Ideal for freshly cut hair, perms and long hair. Gloss and unity.

After showering, you can sleep as it is.

Can be used for the whole body as an out bath treatment

The balance of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids is optimal and the moisturizing power is high,

It can be used as a treatment for the hair and scalp. Relax with the scent of natural herbs.

Highly penetrating and non-sticky

H balm has a very high penetrating power and coating power, so after a while the stickiness disappears and the gloss and moisture are restored.

hold up.

99.9% vegetable oil + natural ingredients

Most of them are high-quality vegetable oils and have a high affinity with the skin and cells.

≪Ingredients derived from nature≫

・Stearyl = antioxidant component extracted from the rhizome of licorice

Tocopherol = oil-soluble vitamin E

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Hair balm For hair, skin, lips, and the whole body. Clean with this one | DENIS official mail order

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