The perfect size for workouts at the sauna & gym or travel.
A volume of 33ml is enough for trips of about 10 days.
The size of the bottle will fit into your gym bag nicely.

■ Achieve powerful styling by enhancing flex and robustness■
Lift roots for a very lightweight finish, then dry for enhanced shine.

■ Heat protein is on your side.
Top potential on DENIS.
Moisturizes and gives a firm and glossy finish ■
<Original cypress essential oil scent>

By using it every day, it will show its true value and improve the condition and environment of the hair.

◇ Contains functional amino acids
It is rich in the essential amino acid lysine and works on the inside and outside of the hair. It prepares the skin environment by not taking too much oil and fat

It is a heat-responsive derivative that strengthens the hair and forms a film by using the heat of a dryer that originally damages the hair. It forms a hydrophobic film and strongly supports the hair.

◇ Plant-based protein
・ Soy protein:  Gives hair suppleness.
・ Sesame protein:  Gives strength to hair.
・ Pea protein:  Cuticle is prepared.
・Silk protein:  A glossy moisturizer.

◇ Ideal for perm hair and color hair.
By making the hair healthy, the perm will be firm and the color will suppress fading.

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