maximum hold
80g / 2.9floz

■A hard wax with a matt finish that holds its shape all day long ■
inheriting the best features of NATURALWAX, MAGNUM WAX delivers the strongest hold of any product in the Organic Hemp series

The creamy texture is easy to apply for convenient styling. The matt, light textured finish holds hair in shape until the end of the day. A unique feature is ease of rinsing the product out with warm water, which is healthy for hair and scalp. Mix with NATURALWAX to adjust the strength to your liking.

◇ Easy-to-apply creamy texture
◇ Sets at just the right speed
◇ Easy to rinse out with warm water
◇  USDA certified organic hemp seed oil: this Linen seed oil is said to be the best balanced of all vegetable oils. Rich in essential fatty acids and highly moisturizing, protectant and absorbent

Take a small amount of WAX and smooth well onto both palms, then apply evenly through fully dry hair.Muss well the parts of your hair you wish to style, and then create bundles with your fingertips.Re-applying a little WAX with your fingertips at this point will make styling easier.

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