290ml / 9.8oz

■Achieve powerful styling by enhancing flex and robustness■
Lift roots for a very lightweight finish, then dry for enhanced shine.

◇ Works from within the hair to relieve UV and sunburn damage.
Ideal for extreme conditions such as surf and outdoor sports.
◇ Reduces dandruff and itchiness.
Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects for the health of the scalp.
◇ Deodorizing effects.
Reduces the odor of hair and scalp oil.
◇ Perfect for permed and colored hair.
By normalizing your hair, your perm regains its life, and dyed hair keeps its color

First, rinse hair thoroughly in warm water.
The majority of dirt can be removed with warm water alone.
Dry hair lightly, then apply a reasonable amount of shampoo to all parts of scalp and hair.
Lather shampoo into a foam and gently rub into hair to wash.
Remember that odors are produced behind the ears and at the back of the head.
Rinse thoroughly to finish.

Natural essential oils can change when subject to UV light, etc., but this will not affect use of this product.

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