Have you tried the balm yet? I will tell you from the perspective of a hairdresser.

Have you tried it yet?

About balm " H BALM "

First of all, I will tell you from the beautician's perspective.

There are soft hair, bristly hair, curly hair, and straight hair,
Suitable for any hair type! !
There is no other balm like this!
Impressive usability and finish! !

It's natural for professionals to understand once they use it, and even the general public will be captivated by the ease of use and finish of the balm, so I can confidently recommend it as a store seller!

While I use the commercially available balms, I often find myself unable to use them until the end because they become hard and shiny! but! ! DENIS H balm is smooth to the last and lasts until the container is shiny! A very popular product with a repeat rate of 90%!

Even in beauty salons, if you use wax or balm frequently, it may harden and be stretched with water to finish it, right? H-Balm always gives you the best finish with a soft texture.

Easy to use!

For soft hair, apply a small amount to your hand and rub it all over from the tip of the hair. For a soft and light finish like a longed-for foreigner's hair

For the bristles, apply a little more than a pearl ball to your hand and apply it all over. Reduces volume and leaves a moderately wet feeling for a glossy finish

And the rough hands that haunt the hairdresser!
I don't have to bother washing my hands after using this balm, and the beauty salons that use it for their sets have dramatically improved my rough hands! I have a lot of opinions.

Please try DENIS H Balm, which can be used all over the body and is gentle on the skin.

It's kind of like the legend 〇〇 on the mail order site "Ikuwayo", but I can confidently say that it's a convincing product!

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