About product ingredients

We live in nature.
Choosing ingredients that have power in themselves nurtures a balance that can harmonize with nature.
DENIS is made based on this simple idea of ​​leaving the necessary and eliminating the excess.

It is kind to yourself and to nature.


It has the highest essential fatty acid (EFAs) content of any vegetable oil and has the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.
It has a very high permeability to the hair and skin, has excellent moisturizing power, and has a high filming property, so it can be kept inside the hair and skin for a long time.
It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and has the power to keep the hair and scalp environment healthy.
USDA certified super oil that also contains magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, alpha-linolenic acid, y-linoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, vegetable fiber, protein and vitamins E, C and A.


It is a very good ingredient that has a very good effect on hair.
Due to its structure, it easily penetrates the inside of the hair, promotes SS keratin recombination, and has the function of repairing damage at the molecular level.
It is effective in reducing the burden caused by residual excess water, removing alkali, and preventing UV rays from the inside of the hair. Due to its strong antioxidant power, it works to remove active oxygen, which is the natural enemy of aging and hair loss.
It is said that it also has the effect of preventing gray hair because it has the effect of activating the action of the tyrosinase enzyme.


It is expected to be effective for hair growth, such as improving the condition of collagen that has lost its flexibility to keep the scalp young, suppressing glycation, and expanding blood vessels to improve blood flow. It is a semi-essential amino acid that is deeply involved in beauty as well as hair, such as improving moisturizing function, secreting growth hormone, strengthening muscle tissue, improving immune function, anti-aging effect, and recovering from fatigue.

apple amino acids

An amino acid cleanser extracted from apple juice, it is a high-quality cleaning ingredient that is milder than soap and gentle on the skin.
The amino acid part is manufactured by the fermentation method, and it is a mild cleaning agent that is highly safe and has the effect of alleviating irritation.


[Sage] has the meaning of saving and healing.
Due to its sedative action, it can be expected to be effective when you want to calm your nervous nerves and improve your memory and concentration. It has a high antioxidant effect that is said to be top class among herbs and prevents active oxygen that causes aging. It also works to protect the hair and scalp from UV rays, and can be expected to prevent hair loss and gray hair, and also suppresses the generation of lipid peroxide, which causes a greasy odor.


It is an ingredient that works to stop skin aging in multiple ways, such as skin regeneration, cell activation, and fibroblast proliferation promotion, and is expected to be effective in preventing wrinkles and sagging that appear due to the decrease in hyaluronic acid due to aging. has also been reported. It has metabolism promoting action, cell activating action, blood circulation promoting action, fibroblast proliferation promoting action, tissue regeneration action, antioxidant action, and moisturizing action.

Glycyrrhizinate 2K

It is a component extracted from the stem and root part of the Chinese herb plant called licorice. It has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and anti-allergic effects, so it has the power to improve the scalp environment.
It is also effective for sensitive skin, dry skin, and dandruff, and can be expected to alleviate the condition while suppressing inflammation.