What is the topical balm? Question about balm Difference from cream

I think the current situation is that there are still few people who hear balm and know what it is.

But this balm! A versatile vegetable oil that can be used anywhere on your hair, face, body, or whole body. smile

So what is a balm?

I think it is very difficult to answer this question.

This is because the word balm is not very familiar in Japan,

I think it's also a factor that many products such as creams and oils are distributed. The definition of this balm is so vague that even if you look it up on the internet, you won't find a solid answer.

but question here

What does cream even mean? = An emulsified mixture of oily and water-based ingredients.

yeah? What? ? feel like saying

What does oil mean in the first place? = oil

This is easy to understand! It's oil.

I feel that it is correct to say that both of them are familiar words, so I understand them naturally.

Balm will be a familiar word in the near future!

Then balm cream oil

about this difference

Balms are oils! I think it's good to say balm when the oil solidifies! So here are the brothers? Parent and child? It's like a relationship. The key is oil! I think it's an ant to discriminate by whether it is close to liquid or close to solid.

the cream is

Emulsified by mixing an oily component and an aqueous component as described above.

In other words, if there is not something to mix the relationship between water and oil, dogs and monkeys, they will not mix! This something is important, and what you choose can be good or bad. Convenience is an advantage.

HEMP oil, which is said to have the best quality and affinity with cells among vegetable oils, performs the best performance as God's oil (hair oil).

This HEMP oil is the biggest point to make the best use of its performance and kill it.


As soon as you use it, you will understand

You can feel the good balance.

Give it a try!

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