Versatile H Balm Recommended Uses for Hair, Face, Lips, and Whole Body

[For Hair]

After shampooing, apply “ H ” balm warmed between palms to towel-dried hair, focusing on the ends. To be honest, oil with a smooth shape is easier to blend in, but don't worry about that. The finish will be surprisingly soft and supple, probably because it will be absorbed while drying with a dryer.

When applied to dry hair, it feels like wax. Even with a small amount, it will be shiny and manageable, and trendy wet hair can be easily done by adding oil little by little. When applied to the bangs, it gives a nice feeling of bunch. It is not a styling agent such as wax, so there is no need to wash your hands and you can sleep with your hair on.

Even though the gloss lasts all day, it has a high penetrating power, so it gradually changes to a smooth texture. Another nice point is that it becomes harder to feel stiff and stiff as you continue to use it.

[For Hand]

After arranging my hair, I put the remaining balm on the back of my hand. After gel nails and cuticle treatments, it is recommended to apply it especially to the hairline of the nails. It's the season when air conditioners and outside air dry you out, but it's safe to put one " H " balm in your bag, which is made of 100% natural ingredients and can care for your whole body.

[For Lip]

Just take a small amount and put it on your lips and it will blend in, giving you a natural luster and making you feel better. The refreshing scent of lavender, a natural herb that is not too sweet, will soothe you even for a short time, such as between work, for a change of mood. It has high penetration and moisturizing power, and it keeps you moisturized, so it can be used as a base for lipstick. You can also make a lip pack by applying plenty of it before going to bed!

Versatile H balm for hair, face, lips, and body

DENIS " H " balm with a slightly unusual design

It's a form that I've seen before... Oh, it's the film case in the photo. (It may not come to mind for children in their 20s lol)

If you like, you can peel off the orange band sticker wrapped around the container. When peeled off, the gold DENIS logo appears! It feels luxurious.

I feel that balms are often in small bottles made of glass. It blends in with the interior and has a comfortable weight, but it's a little heavy to carry around. DENIS 's " H " balm is light because the body is made of plastic! I love public baths and saunas and go there often, but I think it's a pretty important point because the weight is not noticeable at all.

Versatile H balm for hair, face, lips, and body

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