BAD GUYS : Asako Iwamizu exhibition

From April 18th (Tuesday) to May 29th (Sunday), 2022, at the flagship store "DENIS MADE IN TOKYO" in MIYASHITA PARK, an artist " The exhibition "Bad Guys" will be held to display and sell original works by Asako Iwamizu.

During the event, we will exhibit and sell a large number of works called "Kimekomi Art" unique to "Asako Iwamizu", which are made of waste Styrofoam and layered with old clothes and waste materials. Since it is a collaboration with "DENIS TOKYO", which deals with hair care products, you can see original works modeled on real people who lived in the times.

Workshops using waste materials by Asako Iwamizu have been well received as a good opportunity to think about fashion and the environment . This time, we will receive scrap materials from “CLOUDY” (, an apparel brand with an African taste, which also has a store in MIYASHITA PARK. We will donate a part of the sales amount of Kimekomi Kit (for home use), which is popular every time, to "CLOUDY" and use it for business in Africa. Please take this opportunity to visit " DENIS MADE IN TOKYO ".

■ Profile of Asako Iwamizu (
In 2008, he changed from a fashion designer to an artist.
In 2016, he devised an original method called "Kimekomi Art" using old clothes and fabrics from waste materials on waste Styrofoam, inspired by the technique of "Kimekomi Doll", a traditional Japanese craft. The work contains a message about the social problems of low-margin, excessive packaging, and fast fashion, which Japan currently faces.
In 2017, he started a “Kimekomi Art” class.
He has held workshops and performances not only in Japan but also in Uniqlo in Paris, Bangkok, Taiwan, and other places around the world. We continue to powerfully transmit eco-friendly and pop messages from Japan to the world.

[Exhibition Overview]
Name: “DENIS TOKYO” × “Asako Iwamizu” “Bad Guys”
Address: 6-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Phone: 03-6427-1039 *Business hours 11:00-21:00
Date: April 18th (Tue) - May 29th (Sun)
Products for sale:

Size 6 (41.0cm x 31.8cm)
Size 10 (53.0cm x 45.5cm)
Special BIG size *Please check the price at the store.

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