DENIS 10th anniversary party report

DENIS 10th anniversary party report

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The event started with a lot of fuss, with a beautiful autumn sky and a lot of fire engines (no sound for an hour due to disaster prevention warnings), but the event attracted about 300 people, far more than expected.

It was truly a party where I had the best time with my best friends. I would like to thank you again.

We started in 2012 and have made progress one step at a time every year, and as of 2022, we are now able to offer 40 SKUs (60 SKUs including miscellaneous goods). I would like to thank everyone for their support.

DENIS wants to support those who take on challenges! I also talked about it at the party.

Last year, we received permission from the manufacturing and sales industry and began a further challenge. This means that we are a manufacturer that can help many people create products. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering OEM or original products.

I will continue to do my best with everyone's warmth in my heart.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and support.

Thank you always so much.



Friends who performed LIVE


* Hiroji Eguchi 

* Mika Hirakawa 

* Mutsumi Ebata 

* Rui Ebata

* Hiroshi Mizumachi 







* Matsuo Xabungle 


Mr. Hiroshi Matsuda 

Mr. Toru Katayama 

Mr. Takashi Yoshida (Memorized Co., Ltd.)

Mr. Soushi Yamada (ITA Co., Ltd.)

Shinji Yamamoto (Happiness Co., Ltd.)

Mr. Takashi Hirofuji (BLUE OCEAN)

Ryota Takahashi (Renfro Japan Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Kazunari Imai (Pony Canyon Co., Ltd.)
Mayumi Hashimoto (Hershey Co., Ltd.)

Mr. IGNITE YOGASTUDIO Mr. Nobuyuki Yamaguchi Mr. TAKE Mr. Shigeru Shibasaki Mr. Staff Tea

Mr. Kota Muroki Mr. Yoshihito Nakano Mr. Japan Ryutsu Mr. Touma Satake Mr. Yusuke Takahashi Mr. Reyu Takamu Mr. Kensuke & Gaku Mr. Yoko Kawai Mr. Mitsuhiro Sudo Mr. Takahiro Morita (FESN)

In no particular order

Thank you always so much.
Thank you for your continued support of DENIS TOKYO.

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