When setting with GREASE , I often receive the following questions.

“Should I apply it wet or should I apply it dry?”

It is necessary to decide whether wet or dry condition is suitable according to the person's hair type, the style you want to set, and the texture you want to create.

GREASE can be arranged in various ways depending on the condition of the hair before applying the agent, and its versatility makes styling fun.

However, even if you set it in a wet state, it is important to dry the whole from the root once with a dryer.
When the scalp is wet, bacteria can easily grow, which can lead to scalp problems.

How to set in a wet state ① After drying the whole, take an appropriate amount of water on the palm and lightly apply it to the " surface " of the entire hair.
At this time, please be aware that if you apply too much water, it will be easier to make a bundle that is difficult to set. Try a small amount first.

② Take the agent in one hand, wet the other hand and mix the agent and water.

This also improves the spread of the agent and allows you to style your hair while it is wet.

However, if the agent is applied in a wet state, the setting power will be slightly weakened.

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