A major feature of DENIS WAX is that it contains a high amount of hemp seed oil, which is also used as food with USDA ( US Department of Agriculture ) organic certification.
Hemp seed oil has very high penetrating power, quick drying power, moisturizing power, and filming effect, and contains 80% of essential fatty acids.
Therefore, it is said that its characteristics and physiological effects are by far superior compared to others, and it has the best balance among vegetable oils.

The natural wax in the green can has just the right amount of holding power, and has a natural luster and a moist texture that makes the hair manageable.
The moment you put the agent on your finger, you can feel the good touch.
It is light and has a natural bunch feeling, so it is suitable for long and wavy hair, and can be used by women.
Recommended for those who want to have a moderately smooth texture without being too tight.

MAGNUM WAX in yellow can boasts a very hard setting power, and you can re-style your hair if you want to change the shape while keeping the style you made all day.
It's extremely easy to use, as it allows you to create a variety of different styles, such as perms, curves, and curls, from the shape of your hair!

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