Style change for the season

What kind of style did you spend this summer?

It would be great if DENIS's styling agents could be used to create your summer memories, such as using gels and greases to accentuate the luster, or playing rough with wax, taking advantage of the dazzling sunlight!

With fall just around the corner, ORIGINAL GREASE was introduced in the October issue of men's fashion magazine [RUDO], and NATURAL WAX was introduced in the October issue of [WARP].

It's okay to wear the same style as usual for the new season, but why not try a new hairstyle or a different type of styling product at this time?

It may also be a chance to discover a new you.

In the same way that we men are attracted to women with beautiful hair, women are also attracted to men who are particular about their hairstyles. The impression changes considerably not only with clothes but also with hairstyles.

Also, women look at the items men use more than they think. There is no doubt that using DENIS regularly will be an advantage in such aspects.

Let's impress the women around us with a style that is different from usual!

And when trying out a new styling product, I think there are people who don't really know how to apply it.

In that case, please refer to the past blog articles that introduce original styling methods.

As a brand, DENIS will always take on challenges and provide full support for men who are particular about their products.

Add color to your hair style, just like the colors of nature in the fall foliage

    from the Journal