It is now easier to buy a set of 2 refills. [free shipping]

To everyone who loves DENIS products on a daily basis

This time, the refill set of 2 is now free shipping by Kuroneko DM delivery.

ORIGINAL GREASE Set of 2 refills ¥2,800 (¥3,024 including tax)

NATURAL WAX refill set of 2 ¥2,800 (¥3,024 including tax)

MAGNUM WAX Refill 2 pieces SET ¥2,800 (¥3,024 including tax)

If you use styling products every day, the products will run out quickly.

If you use DENIS aluminum containers in a similar way to leather products, they will become scratched, dented, and faded, giving them an original flavor. For those who want to use their own manly finished container for a long time, the refill can be used to easily replenish the contents.

At that time, please wash the inside of the container once before refilling the contents, clean it, and dry it. This will make the new product last longer. Also, if you don't open all the cuts, but cut a little and inject it, you won't get your hands dirty, so please try it!

*Open the cut slightly as shown below.

I think there will be more opportunities to go out with various fun in the coming season. DENIS unique styling agents will add color to your active moments.

The contents are written as 80g for GREASE and 70g for NATURAL WAX and MAGNUM WAX, but they actually contain a little more than the indicated amount, so please use them evenly.

We recommend a set of 2 refills that you can purchase at a great price even if you live far away! !

* What is Kuroneko DM flight?

・Like a letter or postcard, this is a delivery method in which the item is posted in the mailbox of the recipient and delivery is completed.
・Since it is only a credit card payment, you cannot pay by cash on delivery.
・Delivery date and time and day of the week cannot be specified.
・If it does not fit in the mailbox, an absence list will be posted.

Estimated delivery date

Within 400km: Two days later
400km or more: 4th day (including shipping day)
*Okinawa and remote islands are not supported.
Please double check that the address you have entered is correct.
Excuse me, but please purchase after acknowledging the above conditions.

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