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New product spray! Now on sale! !

We have received many happy comments such as, "Even if you change your style, there is no white powder even if you have the power to keep it."

Please try it for the final finish after setting with grease, wax or gel.

[RUDO] Latest issue! Men's fashion, spring first! DENIS products are listed on.

RUDO, whose concept is ``to the masculine adults with style''

There are many places that sympathize with DENIS with the concept of "Kodawar for adult men",

I am glad that you posted DENIS products.

The cover is kj! Please take a look at it.

DENIS basically does not spend any money on advertising, but thankfully, word of mouth and repeat users' voices are steadily penetrating the world.

We will continue to work hard to develop products for men who have a kodawari.

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