Released on June 10, 2020

DENIS El Thorpe & DENIS G Thorpe

[Leave the necessary and drop the unnecessary]
DENIS SOAP is made with a simple concept of "balancing your own skin", unlike soap that only removes dirt. What you should be careful about when washing your face every day is to "remove what you don't need and leave what you need".

[Why is DENIS now a soap?]
The foundation of everything is the simple idea of ​​"reserve what is needed and take the excess".
It is important to bring back the self-cleaning action and repair ability inherent in human beings so that the environment of the skin as well as the face is healthy.
Soap is made up of two parts: a "lipophilic group" that blends well with oil and a "hydrophilic group" that blends well with water. The "lipophilic group" envelops the sebum and sweat secreted from the skin, and the oil that adheres to the skin mixed with other dirt, and the "hydrophilic group" absorbs the dirt that has been wrapped in water and quickly washes it away. If too much cleansing power remains on the skin, the cleansing power will continue to work and the skin's original barrier function may be impaired. It can be easily washed away, creating a good environment for the skin to grow.
Being easy to dissolve in water, highly "biodegradable" and eco-friendly, DENIS is friendly to the natural environment as well as the skin.

[Why is DENIS SOAP solid?]
DENIS SOAP won't take away too much sebum if you rinse it off quickly. This is an effect that is not found in liquid or foam soaps that use synthetic surfactants. No wonder doctors recommend bar soap. In addition, DENIS SOAP loses its detergency immediately after washing, so it does not exert any further surfactant action and is gentle to nature.
(No preservatives used)

[Frame kneaded soap]
The frame kneading method is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming method. Carefully manufactured one by one by craftsmen, and cut out by hand using piano wire. The cut soap is a high quality soap that is shipped after resting for several weeks.
Due to manual work, there may be some individual differences. Also, as it dries, the center will become dented. This is also a big feature of frame kneaded soap.

[DENIS L SOAP all ingredients]
Soap base, water, sucrose, glycerin, sorbitol, ethanol, almond oil, sage oil, tocopherol, tetrasodium etidronate

[All components of DENIS G SOAP]
Soap base, water, sucrose, glycerin, sorbitol, ethanol, tea tree leaf oil, charcoal, tocopherol, tetrasodium etidronate

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