Introduction of DENIS T-shirt & Sunglasses

Introducing the popular DENIS T-shirt and sunglasses.

T-shirt and sunglasses are definitely the main items that will set you up for the summer!

DENIS T-shirt are simple and have a strong presence, so once you've put them on, all you have to do is style your hair and add some accents with accessories.

This time, new colors have been added to the lineup, so you can choose from a wider variety of variations.

There are two body types, natural and standard.

Image type described as 006
4.3oz Slim silhouette and soft texture

Image type described as 001
5oz Japanese manufacturer size standard cotton T-shirt

After deciding on a perfect hairstyle, you want to change the atmosphere, or add a little playfulness!
At such times, DENIS sunglasses can be worn casually to lift your spirits.

You can hang it on a sunny sunny day! You can hang it indoors or at night!
We currently have a lineup of 7 types to suit all occasions.
The point is that the gold DENIS logo is casually engraved on the side!

Seamount festival festival drive
Wear DENIS T-shirt and sunglasses and enjoy watching sports!!

Detailed photos are posted on the online shop page. Thankfully, we have received a large number of orders, and some sizes are out of stock, so if you are interested, please hurry.

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