GEL has been renewed~!(^^)!

Hello. I'm MORI.

We have renewed the original gel this time ~.

GEL that enables hard style and movement style

KEEP power that does not break all day long!

While maintaining the good points of the gel that has been well received so far, we have improved it into a product that is more loved by reflecting the voices of users.

Although the basic content has not changed much, the active ingredients for hair have been increased compared to the previous time, and the refreshing scent of lavender has been added . It has a very refreshing scent and is very popular with women (^^)

I've also adjusted the stickiness so that it's easier to style than before.

Do not apply a large amount at once, first apply it evenly to the entire body, then remove the agent again to complete the styling. It is recommended that you look for your own amount and touch the stiff areas such as the rise of the bangs last.

Especially recommended for those with soft hair or those who get flat easily.
The key is to apply it to completely dry hair.
If you have slightly long hair, after drying it, you can use a mister to wet the ends of your hair just a little bit, and then apply the gel.

I think that repeat customers will also like the improved GEL.

If you haven't used it yet, please try it once. You should be able to tell the difference.

Thank you very much for your renewed "DENIS ORIGINAL GEL".

    from the Journal