Cami, Pants and Pantovisco

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An event will start on Monday, where the lingerie brand ManicMonday, which colors the week, and the dark character “Psychopatho” drawn by Pantovisco will intersect.
Arrogance, ruthlessness, lack of conscience. His obstinate approach to someone he likes crosses the border of disgust and makes you feel a little melancholy. Please take a look at his distorted view of the world that expresses his sense of distance from people and the spiritual world in conjunction with ManicMonday. Exhibition and sale of all newly written works.

* Event information *
Monday, July 11, 2022
18:00- Pantobisco Live Paint & Koga Akane x Pantobisco Talk Show 19:00- Reception for related parties (general public can also visit.)

Manic Monday

■Brand profile
Manic Monday
Lingerie that colors the week colorfully from MANIC MONDAY Co., Ltd., which proposes your own lifestyle with different products for each day of the week with the theme of "not being caught up in the obvious". Manic Monday eliminates the concept of top and bottom set and enjoys coordination freely.
Instagram: @manicmonday_wear


■ Artist profile
A creator who performs multi-expression activities in illustrations, movies, and copywriting. The total number of SNS followers is about 800,000. Posting works on Instagram has become a hot topic, and has published 5 books so far. Over 20,000 visitors were recorded at solo exhibitions held in three locations nationwide. Currently, in addition to having five serializations in magazines and online, he is expanding his field of activity regardless of industry or medium, such as various corporate collaborations and animation production. Representative series include "Inu no Perochi", "Chaos Picture Diary", and "Psychopatho". Instagram: @pantovisco


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