Handling of products in extreme heat

The end of the rainy season in 2022 is one month earlier than in an average year.In Honshu, the end of the rainy season in June is said to be the fastest in history! !

Information on storage and handling of DENIS products.

intense heat

Temperature observations by the Japan Meteorological Agency are being conducted in the shade. Under the scorching sun, the sensible temperature is +5 degrees Celsius or more, and you can imagine that the inside of a parked car and the road surface will be much higher than that.
It is difficult to stabilize the shape of the product in an environment that exceeds normal body temperature, and it can be assumed that oil-based products that require just the right texture using body temperature will become quite loose. Even if the lid is tightly closed, it may leak out, so please be careful.

[About storage]
●Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and low humidity, and use as soon as possible.
●Due to the use of natural ingredients, there may be differences in fragrance and color, but this does not affect the use of the product.
●It is also recommended to clean the agent left on the lid etc. frequently and close the lid tightly.

*In the case of purchases via mail order, etc., if the unopened product is assumed to have been shipped under high temperature, it will return to its original shape if placed in a cool, dark place for a while.

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