DENIS "H" balm that professional athletes love

With DENIS's " H " balm, your whole body will not dry out. This time, we will introduce comments from professional athletes.

● Soichiro Kanashima Professional Inline Skater / World Champion

“I skate in the sun almost every day, so after washing my hair with a protein shampoo, I use ' H ' balm after a bath to take care of my hair. I apply it not only on my hair, but also on my face and arms, and it doesn't dry out easily. In addition, the " H " balm is lightweight and easy to carry, so it is convenient for overseas expeditions. ”

Hemp seed oil with very high moisturizing power

DENIS " H " balm is formulated with USDA certified hemp seed oil, which has the same certification standards as organic food. Hemp seed oil has a near-perfect balance of essential fatty acids such as omega- 6 and omega- 3 , and because it penetrates the hair and skin very well, it can moisturize better than other vegetable oils. .

It can be used not only for hair, but also for hand cream and lip balm, so it is convenient to have one.

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The " H " balm, which is made from 100% natural ingredients including hemp seed oil, is recommended not only for professional athletes, but also for everyone from babies to pregnant women who are concerned about dry skin!

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