Hair style using "H" balm for women

[ DENIS 's " H " balm makes it easy to create trendy hairstyles]

A hair balm from DENIS that makes it easy to create nuanced styles with a trendy wet and glossy look. Compared to hair wax, it is easier to create a natural atmosphere, and it does not give the feeling of "I am setting!"

Styling by C HEKE

" H " balm that can be used both as a styling agent and as a hair care item. However, many people do not know how to use it. So, this time, I will introduce how to make recommended hairstyles for women.

DENIS hair balm does not get too hard even in winter, and maintains just the right amount of softness, making it easy to spread with your hands. Take an adzuki bean-sized amount with your fingertips and spread it to the fingertips of both hands.

If you want to increase the volume, it is recommended to use it when your hair is wet. Apply all over the hair, avoiding the roots, then dry with a hair dryer. Then, when the hair dries, the oil penetrates into it and makes it soft and airy. If you have thin hair and less hair, please refrain from the amount you pick up.

If you want to reduce frizz and volume, it is better to use it when your hair is dry. Stretch out the “ H ” balm with both hands and apply it from the middle of the hair to the ends with a crunchy grip to create a glossy and bundled look. The trick is to apply it little by little until you get the wet feeling you want. If you are concerned about dryness or habits, let's layer it firmly. It is also recommended for those who have long hair and are concerned about damage to the ends of their hair.

After a few hours, it will be absorbed by the hair and the style will become more natural, so please apply the balm again according to your preference.

The " H " balm is small and lightweight, so it's convenient to carry around and use right away. In addition, the scent that contains essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and ylang-ylang refreshes your mind every time you pick it up. The remaining balm can be used as hand cream or lip balm.

Enjoy your daily hairstyle with hair balm!

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