When your hair is wet, it feels a little softer because it contains moisture.

For those who are worried about excessive volume of bristles and hair, setting it with GREASE on wet hair will reduce the volume and make it easier to finish! !

After shampooing and washing your hair, wipe off some moisture with a towel and apply a small amount of the agent to the surface of your hair by spreading it thinly on your palm.

* When wiping off moisture with a towel, rubbing the hair strongly can cause damage, so it is ideal to gently wipe off with a soft towel if possible.

When setting, the key point is that the amount of agent is "a small amount". If you apply too much at once, you may end up with an extra bundle, or it may become heavy and difficult to set. If you don't have enough, "divide a small amount into several times" is recommended!

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