While there are many people who use WAX ​​on a daily basis, there are quite a few who do not use it.

When I hear from people who say they don't use it, the reason is that WAX is sticky and hard to wash off, making it difficult to use.

Even if you use it, there are many people who are troubled here.


Certainly, if you use it every day, it's a pretty bad point that it's hard to wash off.

So in the end, some people don't like to eat it, but they don't like to use it.


DENIS WAX can be set hard, but it is not sticky and easy to wash off! !

Moreover, it can be set firmly with a small amount, so it is easy to handle and does not put much burden on the hair and scalp.


"Set → Wash off" This flow goes smoothly, creating a good cycle.


~ Here is a “gem” suitable for everyday use ~

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