Colder than expected! The name is S Shampoo

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How do you survive the hot summer?
You don't want to get sticky with sweat from the hot and humid weather, or to find yourself sweating again after taking a bath.
We would like to introduce you to the greatness of cool shampoo, which is gaining popularity in stores and as gifts during the hot season when you are sticky with sweat.

This is the only cool shampoo among DENIS shampoos.
Its name is S-Shampoo. You can enjoy an overwhelming cooling sensation.
Please try to imagine. I came home drenched in sweat and was finally able to take a shower. Cool your head with super cool S-shampoo. After taking a bath, I stand in front of the fan with an ice cream in hand. This alone is a complete victory against the unpleasant heat.
It can be used not only at home but also in active situations such as the gym, camping, sauna, and the beach.

For example, sauna. If you shampoo your hair before entering the sauna, you will be able to stay cool and endure the heat for longer than usual.

here! This is a sudden topic since the topic of sauna came up!

[A must-see corner for sauna lovers! ]

It's simple, but if you'd like, please take a look!

This is also recommended for sauna lovers!
Some of you may have noticed that there is a different shampoo next to the S shampoo in the first photo.
This is called heat protein shampoo, and it is a shampoo that ``makes heat your friend.''
Heat is normally a cause of damage to hair, but by using this shampoo, it makes it easier to run your fingers through it and provides moisture.
You wonder, "How is that possible?" I would like to introduce it as is, but I can't forget the main topic, S-shampoo, so I will introduce it later.

No, I want to know right now! I'm really curious! If so, click on the image below to see more details about Heat Protein Shampoo.

heat protein shampoo

Returning to the explanation of S-shampoo, it is also perfect for cooling down in the shower after working out at the gym.
You can also feel refreshed because it can help you feel refreshed from your hot body and sweat.
Some conventional cool shampoos can make your hair stiff after use, but DENIS cool shampoo gives your hair firmness without making it stiff, so you can use it stress-free.

Up to this point, it looks like it's only for summer, but it's of a quality that can be used all year round.

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Finally [DENIS Aoi's one point advice]

I use this shampoo not only to wash my hair but also my body.
Once you wash your body together, it's the end. I can't go back to the days without S-shampoo.
That's how amazing it is.

In addition, we will introduce ways to use it that we would like you to try!

``It's even hotter today...'' ``Even after I get out of the bath, I'm still sweating...'' In such cases, try lathering it up, washing it, and then leaving it for about 2 minutes without rinsing it off right away.

You can experience the coldness beyond your imagination! Of course, it is also good to wait longer than 2 minutes!

This is manager Oshima's reaction when he washed it off right away!

Please try this opportunity!


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