Is DENIS ○○ recommended for dry skin in summer? ?

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The temperature has been high lately, and the days have been hot and humid. Dryness can occur even in the summer, causing problems such as rough skin, sunburn, and dry hair.
So this time, I would like to solve that problem with DENIS products.

First, do you know that your skin condition plays a role in getting a sunburn? Dry skin has a reduced barrier function and is more susceptible to external stimuli . Ultraviolet rays are also a great external stimulus, so with that in mind, let's get to the main topic.

In conclusion, what to use,

This is [ H BALM ] .

``Shouldn't I just apply sunscreen?'' ``Can't I just use hand cream?'' Of course, these are also items that can be very effective.

[Why do we recommend DENIS's [ H BALM ] ]

it is, This balm has high moisturizing and penetrating power, and can be applied quickly and is not sticky, so you can easily use it on your skin when you are worried about dryness, such as between going out or after washing.
It's surprisingly non-sticky, and the film's strength is on a whole other level.
It becomes smooth within 2-3 minutes after application.
If you're worried about hangnails or don't want to get cracks, this is when H BALM comes in.
Eliminating dry time as much as possible and keeping your skin moisturized will also help prevent sunburn.

I actually tried it on my finger!

before before painting

after 2-3 minutes after applying

I think the glossiness of the nails and fingers is different between the first and second photos.
At this point, there is no longer any stickiness.

In fact, this balm can be used on the face, lips, hair, and entire body .
It's versatile for everything from moisturizing care after shaving, as a lipstick when your lips are dry, and when you want your permed hair to be manageable and shiny. Since there is no need to use different items for each body part, there is no need to carry various items, and the inside of the bag is also tidy.

(The photo below is when I used the balm to style my hair)

Q. Why can you use your whole body?

The reason it can be used all over the body is because it is made with only natural ingredients , without fragrances or additives . There's no need to wash it off.
The HEMP oil contained in this is responsible for its high moisture retention and high penetration.
(See image below)

After showering, apply it to your face, hands, and hair and go to sleep without worrying about it getting on your pillow. You can stay beautiful even in your daily life where you tend to cut corners.
The scent is a faint citrus scent, and you can feel the scent of nature itself.


You can use it for an out-bath treatment after taking a bath, or use it on dry areas you are concerned about while going out.It will keep your skin moisturized and have a high barrier function, creating beautiful skin that is resistant to dryness and sunburn. Sho!

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Finally, DENIS Aoi explains how to use it!

I, Even though I have naturally sensitive skin and suffer from dryness, I sometimes neglect to moisturize my skin because I tend to be lazy. Then I came across this balm and was shocked.
The long-lasting moisture and luster, and above all, the high strength of the film, are different from other products, and I thought I wouldn't be able to use anything else.
I mainly use it on my fingers, lips, and hair. I take care of my hair to prevent hangnails, and if I notice my hair is dry when I'm out, I can quickly apply it on the spot to make my hair more manageable and shiny, which is very helpful.
This balm made me feel happy that my skin was moisturized and was easy to use even when I was lazy!
The video is simple, but it introduces the balm, so please take a look!


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