A surprisingly smooth beauty oil! The name is H OIL

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In the previous article, I wrote about summer skin dryness and introduced "H BALM" there.
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I think dry skin is a problem that applies to everyone.
I think there are quite a few people who say, ``I want to moisturize, but I don't want it to be sticky,'' or ``I don't feel comfortable applying moisturizer to my face.''

So this time we will be introducing beauty oils that are surprisingly non-greasy and can also be used as moisturizing and styling items.

Its name is “ H OIL ”!

[What is H OIL ? ]

This oil can be used in various places, just like the balm I introduced last time. In other words, it is a versatile oil!
So, I will introduce the difference between it and a balm and how to use it accordingly.

The balm uses shea butter, so it's a little moist, but the oil doesn't have that moist weight, so you can apply it to your face without worrying about it at all.
Another difference from balm is that one of the ingredients contained in this oil is `` rice germ oil .'' Simply put, this is an oil extracted from the germ that is removed when brown rice is polished into white rice.
Rice germ oil can be expected to have the effect of maintaining skin moisture and preventing dryness, as well as beautifying and whitening the skin, and preventing spots and freckles .
In other words, by applying this oil to your skin, you can prevent dryness and also get beauty effects!

For example, after taking a bath!
Apply lotion to your face as usual.
After that, apply oil. At this time, the key is to get it firmly into the pores, so please apply it gently by pushing it into your skin like you usually do when applying emulsion!

I made a video!

This makes the oil safe to use on your face!
I used to play outdoor sports, so I was exposed to a lot of UV rays.
Luckily, I don't have any big spots, but I want my skin to be as spot-free as possible, so I don't forget to take care of my skin, and I do it every day as shown in this video!
I would like everyone to try it at least once!

Next up, I've put together a video of how to style your hair instead of text, so check it out!

In this way, it is a highly versatile oil that can be used for hair styling and out-of-bath treatments!
Even with my bleached hair, I can easily run my fingers through it as shown in the video, and my hair is less dry!

[Finally, great information from DENIS Aoi! ]

As for applying it to your skin, it's as I mentioned earlier!
However, when it comes to styling, some people with bleached or permed hair may be wondering, "Can oil really make your hair smooth and shiny?"
So, digging a little deeper, I use DENIS protein shampoo . This is amazing!
You can understand how amazing it is just by using it once. .
I would like to explain what kind of shampoo it is, but it would be too long, so I will explain the details next time!
(If you really want to know more details, please see the link below at the end of the description!)
When you purchase the protein shampoo oil, you will receive a trial size 10ml pouch as a bonus! ! !
This is your chance to experience the goodness of H OIL at a great price! Now you can have smooth and shiny hair.

What did you think.
If you've seen this far, don't you already want to try using H OIL ?

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Click here for more information on protein shampoo!

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