Shampoo that gives firmness and suppresses itching and odor

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Even though you shampoo every day, you are concerned about your scalp's itching and odor.
I've been trying out various shampoos to find one that suits me, but I can't seem to find one. Do you have a lot of unused shampoos at home? Do you have any problems like this?
So, this time I would like to introduce you to the most popular DENIS shampoo, and one that may solve the problems I mentioned in the beginning! !

Its name is " Protein Shampoo "

(Photo: 290ml size)

[What is protein shampoo? ]

First of all, DENIS shampoo does not require conditioner.
This is the basis of this simple idea: `` Leave what you need and take what you have left .''

Protein shampoo prevents UV damage , suppresses itching , odor , and dandruff , and is recommended for colored and permed hair.
In addition, by firmly approaching the pores, it lifts up the hair from the roots and transforms it into shiny and firm hair.
This makes your hair stronger and easier to style.
The scent is refreshing with a lime scent.

The more you use this shampoo, the more effective it becomes.
I think there are many people who can feel how amazing it is even after using it just once.

As shown in the photo, the one-touch CAP makes it convenient to carry.

[ One point advice ]

At home, we recommend using a special pump so that you can use the appropriate amount without wasting it.
This pump dispenses 1ml with 1PUSH. So you can adjust it to suit your own hairstyle.
For example, 2 PUSH can be used for approximately 140 days = 4 months.
This pump is included as a bonus for those who purchase shampoo exclusively on the official website !

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In addition to the 290ml size, we also have 33ml and 100ml sizes available.
Perfect as a trial size for travel, saunas, short outings to hot springs, and business trips!

33ml size / 100ml size
Choose one and click on it to be redirected to the purchase page!

[DENIS Aoi also loves it! ]

I learned about this shampoo about six months ago with DENIS.
I still remember the excitement I felt the first time I used it.
While the idea that you don't need a conditioner is very appealing, is it really okay to not use a conditioner? That's what I thought.
When I tried using it, I was so impressed that I couldn't help but say, "Wow." (lol)
Since then, I can only use DENIS shampoo!
By creating firmness, the ease of styling has become completely different, and I no longer have to worry about itching, odor, or dandruff!
The shine and dryness of my hair after blow-drying has gotten surprisingly better day by day.
If you haven't used it yet or are curious about it, please give it a try!

In fact, in the H OIL article I introduced last time, I briefly introduced protein shampoo!
If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look!

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