Also recommended for sauna! Heat protein shampoo that makes heat your friend

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【at first】

During this season, it rains due to typhoons, and the humidity makes your hair untidy and makes your hair stand out.
Additionally, it's summer and the UV rays are strong, which can make your hair dry and frizzy.

So this time, we'll be introducing a heat protein shampoo that uses heat to make your hair shiny and manageable!

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“What is Heat Protein Shampoo ?”

Heat is said to cause damage to hair.
For example,

  • sauna
  • Hairdryer
  • iron
When you do these things, you will feel stiff after sauna, and the ends of your hair will feel dry when ironing.

However, heat protein shampoo can be expected to use heat to condition hair.
The reason for this is that high-performance PPT₍Polypeptide₎ with excellent permeability forms a coating on the inside and outside of the hair, giving it a high-quality shine.
Polypeptides can be expected to have the effect of repairing damaged hair and greatly improving texture .

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Heat Protein Shampoo contains a well-balanced combination of the following four plant proteins.

  • Soy protein: Gives hair suppleness
  • Sesame protein: gives strength to hair
  • Pea protein: Conditions the cuticle
  • Silk protein: Shiny moisturizing

In other words, it's perfect for damaged hair, and you can repair damage with a hair dryer after taking a bath! !
Of course, the same effect can be expected from the heat of a sauna or the heat of an iron.

[ This is how Aoi uses heat protein shampoo!

  • Use as shampoo before sauna
  • Great for hair after color perm and of course bleached hair!
  • Leave it on for 1-2 minutes after washing your hair to allow it to absorb.
  • A hair dryer is a must! !
  • Use with protein shampoo

What does the underlined part I mentioned at the end mean? Simply put, heat protein shampoo is good for the hair that is currently growing , while protein shampoo is good for the hair that is growing in the future. is.
I (Aoi) have bleached and permed hair, so I use protein shampoo for three days and heat protein shampoo for one day, depending on the cycle.
In other words, by using protein shampoo to make your hair stronger when it starts to grow, and by regularly repairing damage with heat protein shampoo, you can make your hair firm, shiny, and manageable!

The photo is Aoi!

However, we do not recommend that you get lazy and mix shampoos together at once.
I (Aoi) tried this once, and my hair turned out to be indescribable.
For example, when it comes to Yakiniku, short ribs are often eaten with sauce, and salted tongue is often eaten with lemon juice, right? It's the same feeling as eating both at the same time and erasing the good qualities of each other. .
I've tried this too (lol)

There was a little digression, but what did you think?
If you haven't used Heat Protein Shampoo yet, would you like to try it? If you are using it, please try using it together with protein shampoo!

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