A moisturizing item that is essential for hot spring trips and saunas!

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【at first】

What moisturizing items do you use when traveling, going out, or going to the sauna?
I have a tendency to get really dry hands, so I always carry moisturizing items with me.
However, I want to keep the inside of my bag as light as possible, and I don't want it to be bulky because I'm putting everything in there.
You may not be a fan of sweet-smelling hand creams, or it may be easier to use them all over your body.
So, I would like to introduce the perfect item for those who have the same problem as me!
Previously, we introduced DENIS's " H BALM " and " H OIL " as moisturizing items. I think some of you may have seen them.
What's the difference between that and that? We will also introduce you to this!

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[The name is H CREAM! ]

This cream is a moisturizing item that follows the balm that I introduced previously.
However, I think there are some people who are a little reluctant to apply balms to their bodies and faces.
Therefore, we recommend a cream type that is easy to use on the face, hair, skin, and whole body .
This cream also contains HEMP oil , which has high moisturizing and film forming power.
This is why this high-quality cream can be used safely even on sensitive areas. It's perfect for use on most parts of your body, like your arms and body!
As shown in the image above, there are two sizes: a large size that can be used at home, and a small size that is easy to carry.
In other words, all of the problems mentioned at the beginning may be solved!
It's a scent that bothers me, but the faint scent of bergamot wafts through the air and is soothing.

In the case of DENIS Aoi, I apply it to areas that are concerned about dryness while going out, and I apply it to my arms and legs after taking a bath to moisturize!
Another point is to apply DENIS's " H OIL " on top of it, so you can massage it while moisturizing it!

I made a video, so please take a look! ! !

[Shampoo often purchased together with H CREAM ]

  1. heat protein shampoo

  2. S shampoo

Click on each item to jump to the product page!
We also have previous articles introducing both products, so please take a look at them as well.

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heat protein shampoo

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S shampoo

Why are these two shampoos purchased as a set with "H CREAM"?
This is because ``H CREAM'' is very popular as a shampoo for saunas and gyms, and is excellent as a moisturizing care afterwards.
Not only for yourself, but also as a gift!

What did you think.
There are still many hot days this summer, and it looks like we will continue to have many days where moisturizing and sun protection are essential.
Get through the rest of the summer with the DENIS products we introduced!

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