The first selection of DENIS! Special feature on gifts for men!

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【at first】

I, DENIS Aoi, have been feeling a lot lately on set.
The reason is that many of our customers are worried about gifts for men.
I think the gift you give to your boyfriend, male friend, senior colleague at work, etc. will be different depending on the gift you give, including the amount.
As an example of trouble

  • "I don't know what to give you."
  • “I just can’t find the extra items.”
  • “On the contrary, it is difficult to choose if you are not picky.”

I often hear things like this.
It's true that choosing a gift for a man can be difficult, and I completely understand why you're having this kind of trouble.

Based on these things, we would like to help you solve such problems outside of the store.
So this time, we'd like to introduce you to the theme of ``gifts for men that you won't want to miss!''

So let's go! ! !

  1. [Protein shampoo]

I think many of you know this.
DENIS shampoo is so popular among men that it wouldn't be surprising to hear that it's a protein shampoo!
There are currently 5 men on the DENIS staff, and 4 of them are using protein shampoo!
DENIS Aoi, who is writing this article, is one of them.
I will now share my personal thoughts on why it is so popular among men.
First of all, it applies to the problem that I was worried about, ``It's difficult because I'm not particular about it'', but even people who are not particular about it notice the difference from others and realize how great it is after using it once. I think it's because I can do it !
By the way, I was one of them. lol

Also, men tend to use WAX ​​more often.

  • My scalp becomes irritated
  • I'm worried about dandruff
  • I get itching

Protein shampoo can be expected to be effective for such problems.
If this can be improved, I think you will feel less reluctant to use styling products!

As you improve these problems, it becomes easier to style your hair.
The reason is that the approach to pores is very good . This means that your hair will stand up from the roots, giving it bounce and making it easier to style !

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protein shampoo


The next gift we recommend is a styling product!
Among them, these two are the ones I use the most!
The reason I'm introducing them at the same time is because the combination of these two is the coolest.

First of all, here is a private photo of me actually styling with these two! lol

What do you think! ! lol

Let's start with " GEL "!
DENIS GEL has some features that make it different from others.
I take advantage of its characteristics and combine it with grease.
I think everyone has the impression that GEL hardens quickly after it is applied to the hair.
that's why

  • I thought it was suitable for people with very short hair.
  • I don't use it much because I use it for formal occasions.
  • I don't have time to fix it when styling

Have you ever experienced this?
However, DENIS GEL takes a long time to harden after it is applied to the hair.
In other words, you can style it to your desired style before it hardens.
By taking advantage of this feature, you can use it even with medium hair like me.

With this in mind, let's move on to " Grease "!
I use GEL as a base first and then use grease.
This will give your hair a wet feel and make it easier to style. The appearance will no longer have the crisp feel of GEL, and you can create a styling that exudes adult sexiness .
I think the combination of these two is possible because of the setting power of GEL and the ease of use and gloss of grease !

Would you like to give us a style that looks cool and has never been seen before?
I think men would be really happy if they received this set!

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The three products we introduced this time are available as a bonus on the official website, and we are offering a free gift wrapping service!
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First of all, this time I would like to introduce three items.
What do you think?
I would be very happy if this could help you solve some of your problems!
Please look forward to the second part next time! !

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