DENIS Gel Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the characteristics of DENIS Gel?

It has a good balance of viscosity, luster, hold power, and lightness that makes it easy to apply to hair, making it very easy to style.
Moreover, I don't think there are many other hard gels that take care of hair and skin with 12 kinds of extracts.

Q. How to use DENIS Gel?

It is important to have an image of the finish before applying the gel.
If you apply it to wet hair, it will not harden, so applying it to completely dry hair will give the hardest finish.
Do not apply it all at once, divide the appropriate amount several times and apply it all over.
DENIS Gel has been adjusted to take a little longer to harden, so you can style it without rushing.

Q. How sticky and hard is it?

It has just the right amount of stickiness to make it easy to apply to a variety of hair types. It will start to harden at just the right time.
It also has a strong setting power that keeps the set style all day long.
Use DENIS Spray on the finish for a stronger hold.

    Q. Is it possible to re-style hair?

    Gels tend to harden once set, making restyling to change shapes and styles a little difficult.
    If the style is a little out of shape, it is effective to wet your hands and retouch or apply an appropriate amount of gel over the top.

    Q. The exit is stuck!

    The agent hardens when exposed to air. Tighten the one-touch cap firmly before use.
    If it hardens near the exit, you can peel it off, but if it hardens inside the tube, it will not be usable, so it is important to prevent that from happening.

    Q. I feel like I can't use it all the way through.

    There is no problem even if there is a little left over as more agent is put in than the indicated capacity.
    It may be easier to take out if you turn the lid and remove it, so please try it. Please note that it will harden if exposed to air.

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