DENIS Grease Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is grease? feature is?

Grease is characterized by the fact that it can give the hair a wet feeling and a glossy feeling, and it can be restyled while maintaining a hard setting power.

    Q. Which is better to apply when the hair is half dry or completely dry?

    You can imagine that the holding power will be a little weaker with wet hair.
    Apply to completely dry hair when parting or combing. At this time, instead of applying it all at once, it will become familiar if you divide it and touch it many times.
    On the other hand, if you want to make the most of your movements, it is recommended to apply it in a semi-dry state, such as after drying with a towel.

    Q. I feel that the agent is hard.

    It is characterized by purposely making it stiff so that it can be used with a variety of styles and hair types.
    By slightly wetting the palm of your hand, you can adjust the elongation of the material and arrange the ease of attachment and strength.

    Q. I can't open the can!

    If the agent is left on the screw part of the lid or main unit, it may harden and prevent it from opening. Make sure that no grease remains on the screw part of the container, and close the lid tightly after use.

    Q. The contents have turned white!

    This is probably due to oxidation. It is assumed that you will use it up in about 2 months at the longest, and if it takes a long time to use it up after opening, it may become cloudy. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.
    Avoiding high temperatures and humidity and tightening the lid tightly after use also lead to prevention.

    Q. What precautions should I take when refilling?

    Please refill after removing the old agent cleanly. Especially in winter, the agent becomes hard and difficult to refill, so you can easily refill it by filling the washbasin with hot water and warming it up a little.
    Assuming that there will be excess agent in the pack, please rest assured that it is more than the capacity.

    Q. I got it on my helmet. Will it fall off?

    It can be easily removed by wiping with a towel wrung out with hot water.
    Please note that it will be difficult to remove the agent that has adhered for a long time.

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