Q. What is the difference between natural shampoo and protein shampoo?

Characteristics of natural shampoo

    • fits
    • unity
    • Hypoallergenic
    • scent of sage

Characteristics of protein shampoo

    • Firmness, stiffness
    • rise of the root
    • natural volume
    • scent of lime

Q. Why don't you need conditioner?

Both products are formulated with high-quality cleansing ingredients and have a unique design that gives a mild finish.
Therefore, it has become possible to remove only unnecessary dirt while leaving the necessary oil on the hair and scalp .
Many people are satisfied with shampoo alone, but there are individual differences. It keeps your hair moisturized and manageable.

Q. Please tell me how to improve the finish of shampoo.

Rinse thoroughly with hot water before and after shampooing.
Wet hair is delicate, so dry it with a towel and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer.
By thoroughly rinsing and drying, the scalp environment will be in place and the finish will be much better. It's hard to get a habit of sleeping, and it's easy to set.

Q. Can women use DENIS's shampoo?

of course You can use it. DENIS's shampoo is actually very popular with women.
Because it is a very mild and high-quality shampoo, it is as satisfying as or more than men.
There are individual differences in how it feels, but if you have long hair or highly damaged hair, it may not be enough oil. If you feel that, you can expect a good finish by lightly applying a good quality treatment or oil.

Q. Can it be used on the body and face?

In particular, the natural shampoo contains malo amino acids (a high-quality cleaning ingredient that is also used in baby products), so it is hypoallergenic and mild, so it is recommended for washing the body and face.
It is a mild product that does not remove too much sebum, but if you have sensitive skin, please use it while monitoring the condition and rinse thoroughly.

Q. Will shampooing twice in the morning and at night put a strain on the skin?

Depending on the condition of the scalp, there is almost no burden from the agent.
Because the way you wash is more important than the time you shampoo, If you rub it hard, use your nails, or wash it in a harsh manner, you may damage the skin and cause problems. Use your fingertips to wash gently.

Q. How long does 290ml last?

DENIS shampoo bottles look smart and small, but they last longer than you might think.
If you use the separately sold " DENIS Shampoo Exclusive Pump 290㎖ ", you can use it for about 2 and a half months even if you pump 3 times a day .

In order to improve lathering, if you rinse well before shampooing, you can use less amount at a time, so please try it.

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