DENIS Spray Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to use the two types of nozzles included?

The standard skinny cap is recommended when you want to express delicate movements or keep the overall look moderate.
The replaceable fat cap is useful when you want to firm it up or when you want to hold it down.
Also, depending on the distance between the nozzle and the hair, the way it clumps will change, so please try various things.

Q. Can I style with just a spray?

It's possible for bangs and partial styling, but I don't think it's very suitable for creating an entire style.
To make the most of the properties of the spray, it is recommended to create a base with wax or gel.

Q. Do I need to shake before use?

You don't need to shake it as much as you would with a color spray, but if you shake it a little, it will spray evenly, making it easier to use.

Q. I feel that the jet output has become worse.

It seems that the cause is that the contents have decreased or the resin has hardened in the nozzle.
If you remove the nozzle and warm it with slightly hot water, the resin will melt and it will be easier to spray.
Hot water that is too hot may cause burns, so please try it at the appropriate temperature.

Q. Can I bring it on an airplane?

It's fine as long as you put it in your checked luggage suitcase. Please contact each airline for the number and capacity.
Also, please note that it may leak due to atmospheric pressure.

Q. Can I order just the replacement nozzle?

There is no separate replacement nozzle available.
Please be careful not to lose or damage it.

Q. What is the effect on hair and skin?

DENIS Spray is designed with ease of removal in mind and contains several types of hair ingredients. It is not recommended to put it directly on the skin or use it excessively.

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